Reader Request - J'Adore this Dress

Greetings Fashion Pad Followers,

I had a reader request from Fernanda who always seems to request my most challenging conquests, lol. She would like to know the following:

okay, I need your help again. check out the link of the jadore commercial... that dress that Charlize is wearing is awesome! do you think I will be able to find something like it?

Like I said, this was challenging. I'm sorry to say I've searched the world wide web extensively (at least as well as my skills allow) and I have been unable to turn up, in my opinion, a really good match. However, I had to provide you with something cause I'm a sore loser so please check out the items I found below.

Evening Dress by Joli Prom
This, by far, is the closet I've found online.

Taffeta Strapless Fishtail Evening Dress


I love the fitted bodice and fishtail bottom....curvalicious!

Brown Strapless Gown by Alyce Designs


Brown Glamorous Evening Dresse by Nicole Miller


You could easily make a slit in this dress, with the help of a seamstress of course. The chiffon material will have it flowing like Charlize' Theron's dress in the above commercial.

Sequin Strapless Snakeskin Evening Dress


I had to throw this one in because this dress is freakin' awesome! Looks like a Beyonce' original :-)