Reader Request - Corset Dress

Greetings Friends of Fashion,

I have a reader request I would like to share from Vanessa:


I recently saw Rihanna in a black and white corset dress when she was in New York last week. I couldn't save the picture at the time but a lot of the gossip blogs had the photo and they say she was coming out of Kanye's apartment. Do you know what picture I'm talking about? If so, could you help me locate that dress? I don't care how much it costs I have to have it.

No problem Vanessa and you were absolutely right.....almost all of the major gossip blogs had this particular photo so it was easy for me to scoop it up for this post.

The dress is actually from Alexander Wang's Pre-Fall 2009 fashion show. It's quite gorgeous and I'm actually unsure how much it's going to hit your pocketbook but it should be available in the next month or so for purchase.

You're going to be a sexy chica in this dress honey!