Reader Request - Church Picnic

Greetings Fashion Pad Readers,

I have a reader request from Ann with the following:

Hello Fashion Pad,

I'm attending a church picnic on Memorial Day and I was wondering if you could recommend an outfit for me to wear as I it will be hot and I want to show my legs but I don't want to offend the church folks if you get my drift. Please advise.


Not a problem Ann. Let's go with a comfy chic style. I think I want to create a look for you that has some of summer's hot sandals, either a pair of shorts or a sundress. Take a look below.

Dress:; YSL Belt:; Sandals:; Straw Tote Bag:; Earrings:

Blouse:; Shorts:; Straw Tote:; Steve Madden Sandals:; Sunglasses:; Earrings:

I hope these two looks are helpful. Just remember to ask yourself will you be comfortable wearing this in front of a man of God (i.e your preacher). Then you will be just fine!



Anonymous said…
Thanks Shanequa!!!
Erika said…
The fits are awesome!