Who Rocked It?

Greetings Fashionites,

It's a beautiful Saturday and I'm getting ready to start cooking. My lovely family is coming over for a Easter egg hunt and BBQ. Yeah, we really find any excuse to get together and cook but whatever. I hope you all are having a great weekend.

I spotted two young Hollywood starlets rocking a jean and leather jacket by Alexander Wang. Christina Milian was spotted several days ago in Hollywood with her man, The Dream. My fave fashionista Rihanna wore her jacket for a meeting with her newly hired interior designer at the Cooper Building in L.A. last month. So which lovely fashionista prevails? My vote is with Rihanna because I love the way she gave it a rocker chic style. Christina's long straight dress is too soft for this tough leather and denim jacket in my opinion.

Check out where to purchase the jacket below if you've got the ducks to spend. I ain't mad at ya!

Alexander Wang Denim Leather Motorcycle Jacket

$1,495.00 www.eluxury.com