Reader Request - Racerback Tank

Greetings Fashionistas,

I have a reader request from Jennifer:


I went to your blog and thought it was fab. I was wondering if you knew what clothing company made the white racer back tank that Keri Hilson is wearing in her Knock me down video? I love the shirt so much but could not find out who made it.

Best Regards,

Well Jennifer, I thought this task was going to be a piece of cake as I already thought this item would be made by American Apparel or Splendid.....boy was I wrong. Unfortunately, this task defeated me. I've posted several similar items below but I don't believe either is the fab tank Keri Hilson is sporting in her video. Oh gee golly I dislike losing. Anyhew, I'll continue to look and if I do find the exact match, I'll post it later and shoot you an email. See below.

FULL TILT Seamless Womens Racerback Tank


Splendid Micro Stripe Rib Tank

$21.00 (on sale)

Poleci Racer Back Tank

$78.15 (on sale)

Racerback Tunic Cami