Grown and Sexy.....Short Shorts

Greetings Fashion Pad Readers,

TGIF!!!!! These long and hard work weeks are really setting me up nicely for my vacations. I am going to be too happy to take my hard earned PTO and get outta town, LOL! I hope you all are doing well and if things are a little shaky…….at least we’re blessed to have a job!

I was recently inspired by a photo of Keisha Knight Pulliam (along with nudging from my best friend) to do a post on a fab grown and sexy look…….short shorts!

Keisha was spotted at Prive in Las Vegas celebrating her 30th birthday. She looks great and while her top covers her nicely, it also accentuates the shorts which reveal a grown and sexy (not tacky) leggy look!

So, let me start by saying that, in my opinion, short shorts can be done classy…what I refer to as grown and sexy. My friend even challenged me to achieve this “grown and sexy” look while pairing the outfits with high heels. Still, not a problem! High heels and short shorts does not equate to scandalous. Only when you add high heels + short shorts+ a tight, short top, does that equal indecent.

Well I'm too excited to work this style out.....look below for some inspiration.

Shirt:; Shorts:; Platforms:; Earrings:; Handbag:; Betsey Johnson Bracelet:; Gold Bangle:

Okay, you have to be real careful with short jean shorts because for some reason, they appear shorter than any other fabric...weird! Anyhew, pair with a top that covers you well so the only skin exposure will be your legs or pair with a plain, solid print top that still adds a touch of conservatism so you won't feel "naked".

Linen Blazer:; Tank:; Earrings:; Shorts:; Burberry Clutch:; Heels by Christian Louboutin:
Sport this look to a fashion show, sporting event (floor'll get noticed), a luxe party, etc. This is a coveted look for summer.

Blouse by Vanessa Bruno:; Shorts by Alberto Biani:; Clutch by Devi Kroell:; Heels by Jimmy Choo: net-a-porter; Betsey Johnson Earrings:; Bangles:
This outfit would work well on a hot date with the boo or a Caribbean getaway (sorry, thinking about my vacation a little too hard, lol).

Spiegel Bowtie Blouse:; Linen Short:; Alexander McQueen Handbag:; Alexander McQueen Heels:; Bamboo Earrings:

This has got to be my favorite look! I really love blouses that mimic the Victorian style era. Tres chic!



Rebecca said…
I like the set with the blazer. It's my new number one look for summer. Thanks!
Love the last look. I too am enamored with Victorian/gothic styles. Though the shorts? I never like how I look in shorts - I stick to denim minis and capris - but these certainly are adorable.