Vroom! Vroom!

Greetings Fashion Followers,

I am so excited about these jean trends! First it was distressed jeans, now it's motorcycle jeans, what's next? I really like these two trends because I'm a fan of the whole rock/biker chic look...period. So I have to have a pair. I first spotted them from Balmain's runway line but of course I couldn't afford them. But I know I would soon see my fast fashion retailers copying the look in the near future. Then, as you can see below, fashion diva Rihanna was spotted in a pair by Pratt a couple days ago. They look so hot!!!

Such a super fly chick!!!

Take a look at some available options:

Motorcycle Skinny Jeans by Pratt

Rihanna is wearing these jeans by Pratt above.

Balmain Motorcycle Skinny Jeans

Whoa that price is ugly!

Freedom of Choice Motorcycle Skinny Jeans
The key to the style is the padding in the knee area.

Pratt 'Norton' skinny motorcycle jeans

$107.10 (on sale) www.bluefly.com

I may have to grab a pair quick before the craze hits.



Anonymous said…
Ohhh, cool jeans. I like the Pratt jeans in black.