Reader Request - Ruffled Mini Skirt

Greetings Fashion Friends,

Welcome back from the weekend and say hello to the start of another exciting work week *blank stare*. I have so many projects due in my classes this week and I partied over the weekend instead of focusing on my work. Bad girl! I've been up since 4am working on my final paper in my introduction to fashion course. I had to research a career in the fashion industry. I chose a fashion stylist, unsurprisingly of course. Now, I'm moving on to my silhouette project in History of Fashion. The fun just never ends people.

Well, between all my last minute projects, I received a reader request from Fashion Pad follower Nalini.

What's up Fashion Pad?

Could you please find me a low priced alternative mini skirt to the one Solange is rocking in the picture I attached. I think it's too cute!


Not a problem Nalini, but first, let's check out this dress I found at that basically repicates Solange's entire ensemble. Yippie!

White and Pink Ruffle Mini Dress

Check out some more affordable options below.

Aqua Knit Banded Shredded Mini

The material is pure silk so I'm very impressed with the affordability.

No Boundaries - Juniors Ruffle Jersey Skirt

This is a great find!!!

S'nob Ruffle Jersey Skirt

I love the uneven layer of ruffles on this mini skirt.
I hope this has been helpful Nalini.