Reader Request - Minimizing Large Thighs

Greetings Fashion Friends,

I have a reader request from Ann regarding the following:


Could you post some things that will help cover or minimize large thighs. It's my problem area and I don't see it getting resolved anytime soon.

Not a problem Ann. For most women, we all can identify at least one problem area on our bodies that seems to need a lot of attention or require the greatest effort to resolve. Having generous thighs can be a nightmare sometimes when you're going for a particular look. But don't fret, there are some easy solutions that can help minimize large thighs. Please refer to my handy tips below.

1. Draw attention to your upper body by wearing brightly colored blouses/tops or clothing that cinches your waist.

Left: Belted Tunic $39.00

Right: Plenty by Tracy Reese Strapless
Stitched-waist dress

2. Try using body-slimming undergarments
- requires an extra "layer" of clothing but is worth the investment. How do you think celebrities look so great?

Left: ASSETS by Sara Blakely Sensational
Shaper $20.00

Right: High Waist Shaper

SPANX Power Panty

3. Avoid Tapered Pants
- they can emphasize the size difference between your lower and upper leg

4. Wear boot cut jeans because they even out the width of the leg

Left: Rip & Repair Boot Leg Jean
Right: Truck Jeans Cody Bootcuts

5. Choose A-line skirts or long skirts that don't cling to the body

Left: Pebble Charm Kaiden Skirt

Right: Sleek A-line skirt

Left: Rachel Pally Long Full Skirt
Right: Tiered skirt

6. Wear dark colored bottoms because we all know that dark colors are slimming

Left: Matte Jersey Wide Leg Pant
Right: Perfect stretch twill Bermuda shorts

7. Pin-striped parts have vertical lines that creates a slimming effect

Left: Apt. 9® Pearson Pin-Striped
Pants $24.99
Right: Herringbone Stipe Suiting