The Look for Less - Cut-Out Booties

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Funny thing....I was just telling my friend how quickly a concept from an innovative designer is quickly duplicated for the masses. I know it's not fair, but honestly, that's one of the many ways a design house or independent designer stays relevant. People covet their looks but can't afford their prices so the fast fashion retailers such as H&M, Zara, and of course Forever 21 feed off the demands for more affordable alternatives.

For example, I was just salivating over these cut-out booties by Pelle Mode last week and low and behold I find a similar or "inspired by" design that costs significantly less. It's amazing......or is it? I think there is a conspiracy in the fashion world but I'm not going to speculate just yet. I think I'll wait until I've learned more in school.

Pelle Moda Kammi Open Toe Cutout Bootie

Cute bootie that can easily be worn into Spring.

Caged Stud Peep Toe Heel

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