Jimmy Choo Obsession

Greetings Fashionistas,

Hope you all had a great weekend! I did a little shopping and just relaxed (for the most part). As me and my best friend were perusing through the mall we happened to walk in Jimmy Choo. I must say that I've been sleeping on their styles lately so I tried on a couple of sandals and I've posted the ones that I salivated the most over below.

Serena Leather Sandal $895.00

The style places me in the mood for the beach.

Seattle Sandal $785.00
Great for a casual or cocktail setting.
Corsica Strappy Sandal $950.00
I loved the way these grab your feet. Sexy!
Napa Plush Rhinestone Sandals $895.00
Cute mesh details!

Leather Sandals $1395.00

These were by far my favorite!!! They look soooo good on my feet and they're surprisingly comfortable.