DiSTRESSed Jeans

Greetings Fashion Friends,

It's FRIDAY!!!! Yeeeaaahhh! I've pushed myself to the limit this week with work and school I'm just ready to sit on my behind all weekend long. Of course, that probably won't happen but we'll see.

Well I've been noticing a trend that's shaping up to be super hot for Spring. Check out the comeback of distressed jeans. A lot of celebs have been rocking this style lately along with the boyfriend look....which I do NOT like by the way. Oh well, to each his/her own. I love how Carmen Electra, Heidi Klum, and Rhianna sport this trendy look.

Here are some options to help achieve this style below:

575 Denim in Biker $99.00 www.emoda.com

Blank Boyfriend Jean in Shredded Wheat
Current-Elliot The Skinny Jean


by People's Liberation

Vigoss® Distressed Flare Jeans
The black pair and the flared jeans above from Kohls are my favorites. This trend is more like a classic. Denim NEVER goes out of style!!!