What to Wear, Valentine's Day Edition - Part II

Greetings Fashion Femme Fatales,

Today we're going to delve right into our first V-Day scenario. What if you and your significant other have some hectic working schedules? You both work days and some weekends and you also have a busy family life at home. Not to mention, money and time are two luxuries you just can't spare a lot of now a days. And on top of all that, it's his weekend to work. Well, there's hope yet! Try a V-Day lunch date.

I'm sure you guys can ask the boss for an extra 30 min to meet your sweetie at a location close to the job. But just because it's lunch doesn't mean you have to skimp on the fun fashion details. Check below for some awesome outfits for a fun Valentine's lunch date.

Okay, high-powered execs need to pause for the cause as well. Step out of the office for some love
Earrings: missselfridge.com; Blouse: coolspotters.com; Pants: myshape.com; Handbag: babyphat.com; Sandals: brownsfashion.com

Clearly, if your significant other has to work, wow them with this sophisticated and sexy ensemble

Dress: nimli.com; Heels: couture.zappos.com; Belt: stylebop.com; Bangle: amiclubwear.com; Earrings: kabiri.co.uk

That winter weather is still prominent in some areas so stay warm and look chic at the same time

Earrings: knowmysize.co.uk; Scarf: wetseal.com; Tweed trousers: warehouse.co.uk; Sweater: forever21.com; Shoes: gojane.com; Handbag: ralphlauren.com



Anonymous said…
Love the outfits, but can you include the links to the actual outfits. Thank you.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for putting up the links!