Reader Request - Asymmetrical Pleated Dress

Greetings Lovely Fashionistas,

I want to apologize to Meagan who sent me a request to locate a look she saw on J.Lo last week but I forgot all about it!!! She even had to send me a reminder email.....tres' embarrassing.
Hi Fashion Pad,

I love your blog!!! I was hoping you could help me out. I'm trying to locate this dress and shoes that Jennifer Lopez wore to her hubby's concert last night. I can't find them anywhere. Help!

Okay Meagan, I'm on it.......albeit seriously late. Jennifer's rocking this lovely asymmetrical pleated dress by one of her favorite designer duos, Marchesa. The dress will run you about $5,320. Whoa nelly!

Love the pleated details and ruffled edges.

Also, Jennifer donned these beautiful peep toe heels by the shoe king himself, Christian Louboutin. These will set you back about $1600.

Christian Louboutin Carnaval Heel $1,665.00 Barneys

Happy Shopping!