The Perfect Casual Accessory

Greetings Fashionites,

I am so disappointed this morning. I literally went to 3 different Bakers stores yesterday to get the open-toe booties I posted yesterday but neither one had them in my size. How does that happen? I guess it's a sign because I really wasn't supposed to purchase anything that wasn't 50% off of the original or more.
Anyways, today I'm at my mother's visiting so I'll probably convince her and my sister to go to a couple stores with me. I'll find that pair, cause I'm so persistent!!!!

Eve has been keeping a low profile lately so I was pretty stoked to see this photo of her the other day perusing the streets of Beverly Hills.

She's sporting a chic casual look and is toting the ever popular Louis Vuitton speedy. I like the contrasting color with the scarf. It's one of my new fav styles for casual. I already have an arsenal of winter scarves so I need to update my spring/summer scarf collection. I like the floral and silk scarves for the warmer weather. Take a look at this one from Banana Republic below.

Floral-print scarf