Look for Less - Booties

Greetings Fashion Followers and Happy Friday,

I am soooo tired this morning. I guess I should not have stayed out to 4am but I had so much fun out with my friends. Anyhew, I'll probably post some fab photos tomorrow.

Today I wanted to share with you my look for less I am on my way to purchase before work (I am so bad, maybe they won't notice my absence for a while). I had been stalking these L.A.M.B shoes for a while. They are super fabulous!!!

L.A.M.B. Hunter Multi Strap Ankle Bootie

$380.00 www.shopbop.com

I was going to purchase them until I found these fab alternatives at Bakers yesterday. I'm so excited! I kept to my shopping rule because of this great find.

CHLEO Peep-Toe Bootie $79.95 www.bakersshoes.com

I even like the color of these more so than the pair by L.A.M.B.

Because it's only 8am, I guess I'll have to wait another 2 hours to get them (the mall opens at 10am). Oh well, I'll just have to leave work. LOL!