Happy Anniversary Fashion Pad!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Greetings Faithful Fashion Pad Readers,

Today marks the 1 year anniversary of Fashion Pad's creation. Yippie!!!!! It's been such an amazing journey. I've enjoyed every single minute of it and I promise to continue to make improvements to this blog to enhance your experience here at Fashion Pad. Thanks for all the requests and comments and please keep them coming. I absolutely LOVE this blog and I especially love its readers.

I hope you like the changes around here, there will sure be more to come...........in the meantime, as I take a break today to reflect, check out these cool pants I bought from Forever 21 the other day. They are sooooo comfy!!! I'm going to keep this trend going forever!!!!!! LOL!

High Waist Paper Bag Capri III $27.80

Now, to add to the growing relaxed and chic pants collection, I'm currently searching for some genie-inspired pants styles.



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