Who Rocked It?

Greetings Fashionistas,

O-Kaaaayyy! Once again I'm fuming over the amount of work I have to do for my classes. These people are insane! They're just gonna have to get a stern lecture from moi about this frivolous workload........yeah right, I wish. That would occur only in the perfect world of a student. Please continue to keep me in your thoughts friends as I embark upon this awesome journey. BTW, I'll be on my soap box until grades are submitted, so try to hang in there people, LOL!

Lookey here, lookey here. I usually don't posts on the who wore it better subject but I think both of these chicks rocked this Marc Jacobs floral one shoulder dress pretty darn well. No voting, but comments are welcome.

Leighton first wore this back in December when she hosted a Lucky Shops event. Her gladiator heels are a great addition this flirty dress. Makes it edgy!

Bianca Golden wore her dress at the Oxygen Media’s Launch Party for ANTM ‘Obsessed’. She looks gorgeous!

I like Leighton's look better because it's more stylish.
Also, we have two beautiful fashionistas wearing these awesome wedges curtesy of Bebe.

Christina Milian sported these while she was out with her boo Dre in December. Cute casual date attire.

Bree was spotted with these wedges at the Oxygen Media’s Launch Party for ANTM ‘Obsessed’. She is so pretty, but I'm unsure of the whole blueberry look.
Therefore, I believe Christina rocked it better.
Tell me your choices.