Orientation.....then Lace-Up Boots

Greetings Fashion Feens,

Today is an exciting day because I'm going to orientation today. For what you ask....oh, I didn't let my good friends know??? I'm starting classes at the International Academy of Design and Technology (IADT) on Monday. Super excited!!!!!!! Yet, a little scary. I haven't been in a classroom environment in over 3 years! I could possibly freak out!!!!!!!
Oh pish posh, who am I kidding, I'm a nerd....tried and true. What's another degree? It really doesn't faze me at all. I just can't wait to share all my newly acquired knowledge with you all. Please pray for me as I embark upon this journey! Yes I can!

But in the mean time, let's hope Shop Bop has these cute leather boots in my size. I've been perusing their sales all morning. I love this site but I swear it's hard to find my size anymore. All you 7.5s need to stay away! This is getting ridiculous now. These boots will be perfect with my tan trench. I'll probably pair them with a graphic print dress for an overall modern look. Check out the boots below.

Cable Lace Up Inside Zip Boot $94.50 (originally $325) www.shopbop.com

The lace up is sexy and the rouching around the bottom lends the shoe an old world flair. Loves it!