The Look for Less - Caged Boots

Greetings Fashion Friends,

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. I spent some much needed time with family and friends and I am happily at home just chillin'. I've wrote a list of all my goals and plans that I will pursue this year and I'm determined to get mine in '09!!!

Speaking of getting something.....I saw these hot, Givenchy open toe ankle boots being rocked by Lala Vasquez. I would soooo be willing to trip her down and take her boots if I saw her lol. Just kidding of course! Anyhew, that cage look is great and I'm still not over it quite yet as you can see.

Givenchy Black Leather Ankle Boots $819.00

Oh geesh, with my new resolution to be a lot more budget friendly when shopping, I had to locate a more affordable style to satisfy this look. Check them out below.

Not exactly the same wow factor but definitely the overall look is there.


Wow, my homegirl Brandy put me on this total look-a-like below for the above Givenchy shoe. Check it out!

Salina Black Patent Heel $119.95
This is like a carbon, seriously. Just....dang!



Anonymous said…
great highlight! I'm obsessing over the new Ann Demeulemeester sandal/boot.