The Look for Less - Biker Chics Rule!

Greetings Fashionistas,

You know what? 2009 is shaping up pretty darn early to be a fab, fun, hardworking and busy year for your girl! No complaints about the busy or hardworking part, but I really did take on a lot of projects this year. Oh well, I'm just livin' my life. I know everything is going to work out the way it's supposed to.

My fashion school has a fashion club that travels all over the place. In '08 they went to Paris, New York, Miami, California, etc. I think I'm going to try to join. Why not? I've being crying about not being able to travel much and not having my comrades join me so I'll make some new ones, keep the old ones just as close as ever, and see the world of fashion up close and personal.

You know, I love fashion so much! I can also appreciate all forms, styles, and the many inspirations, whether simple or complicated, that I observe on the streets, or that our celebrity friends provide. Take Lindsay Lohan for example. She's notoriously known for bringing the leggings back to the mainstream (although it's been a style staple of Vera Wang forever). But I like this simple look on her cause it works.
She's looking very biker chic in this ensemble so let's copy this look with some really affordable pieces.
Rib Boy Beater Tank
MINKPINK Slippery Biker Jacket
Cotton Legging $9.50
wrinkle patent stove cut boot
Big W Sunglasses $9.90
Medium Quilted Courtney Bag


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