Inauguration Pics and Recap - Part II

Greetings Fashion Friends,

Here are some more pics of this historic occasion. I actually have too many to post them all here but hopefully you can get a picture of how much fun I had!!!

I think I'm pretty darn prepared for the Inauguration weather. Don't you agree?

Enjoying the perks of the Newseum before the parade

We just had to do it!

Pandemonium at the parade site. I don't know why these young gentlemen were taking pics of the Newseum instead of the President.

Every one's vying to see Obama

There had to be at least 100 uniformed police in the parade riding in front of Obama's car. Geesh!

Loves them!!!

This was the scene at the train station in Wilmington, DE.

Me and Brandy trying to stay warm as we wait for Pres Obama and VP Biden at the train station.

This guy actually climbed a light post to see the Pres and VP. I'm actually mad I took this pic because shortly thereafter my camera went dead. Arrggghhh! I was sooo mad because I really wanted you guys to see the absolutely AWESOME coat Michell Obama was rocking.

Yeah, this is my first experience with snow. So what!

I love this scarf from Zara. It was sooo warm!

You know we had to make the rounds at the various monuments.

Girls just wanna have fun......and be warm, lol.

I love this scarf. Got it from H&M.

Yeah..don't quite know how to eat this

Me and my gorgeous friends partying hard

There's always one. Fur coat queen. PETA would be livid!!!

Me and Brandye are tired and hungry.

The wrap-up at Dave and Buster's. Great trip, and an indescribable moment in history.

Thanks for being patient!



Anonymous said…
Looks like you had a good time! I'm so jealous.