Inauguration Pics and Recap - Part I

Greetings Fashionistas,

Sorry for the lack of posts but I've been trying to catch up with work and classes. I know it's Tuesday but I cannot WAIT for the weekend. I'm barely keeping my head above water!
Anyhew, I finally have the pics from my trip to the DC metro area this past week. Some of the pics of our new president and first lady are great.....and some, well, you'll see that we had to capture them from the jumbotrons set up around the National Mall and the Newseum. See below.

It's 4am in the morning

This is the metro station. Bananas!!!!

It took us 20 minutes to get out of this!!!
The National Mall

Yeah, so we were like number 1,000,531. Crazy!

I literally have like 10 layers on. LOL!

We became too cold so we went to the Newseum, VIP status, to observe the show. Using blankets for scarves is the new

Good ol' VP Joe. He never stopped smiling!

We had awesome views of the jumbotron....but my photography leaves something to be desired.

Gotta go but I'll have tons more up in a jiffy.