Holiday Pics

Greetings Fashion Feens,

I wanted to post a couple of pics from my holiday festivities. I actually did make it to the ball I mentioned a couple of weeks ago but I slept right through New Year's so no crazy pics from that holiday spectacle. Oh well, no regrets, besides, I had so much fun with my family and friends I was too beat to hit the scene anyways.
Once again, my camera went AWOL so I'm unable to give you all the whole shebang but here goes anyway.

Check out my Christmas tree. My first tree in my new house. Yeah! I wasn't going to put one up but my mom insisted so I can't argue with my mom, she's the coolest.

Tank - Bloomingdales; Jeans by Allen B, Saks Fifth Avenue; Handbag - Furla; Sandals - Zara

Getting ready to eat dinner on Christmas day.
Tank - Macy's; Harem Jeans - Forever 21; Gladiator sandals - Bloomingdales; Bangles - thrifted

Clearly I didn't go for the look that I posted a while back regarding the "ball" but hey, it worked. I was really feeling a laid back fab style for the holidays and it sort of spilled over into the look for my ball dress. I promise next year I'll actually wear a dress that works with the theme and dress code.

Dress and Clutch - Forever 21; Cuff - Hot Topics; Rings and Earrings - local sidewalk vendor; Necklace - Macy's; Heels - Report Signature (see below pic)

Getting ready to hit the dance floor with two of my gorgeous best friends.

There's always this event, there were about 50 but I didn't want to be mean so I'll just post a pic of this gentleman who my mom insisted on taking his picture for my blog. He kindly obliged.

Fun times had by all!



Anonymous said…
Great job with the harem pants and I'm loving the relaxed feel of the first look!