Fabulous Deals

Greetings Fashion Divas,

I've been working real hard in my fashion classes and even though I just came back from a mini vacay, I'm going to treat myself this weekend. This will be my last splurge before I go on a shopping hiatus. Eeek! (rolls eyes and shudders). So I guess I had better make some smart and inexpensive purchases.

Train Hopping Bag $52.49 www.modcloth.com
I like the neutral color of this bag and the "messenger" design.
Aqua Women's Belted Bow Dress
The Spring/Summer season is just around the corner and I'm going to tuck this mini away until I can break out the sandals again.
Technoo Women's Athletic Fashion Oxford
I'm back into high-tops with a vengeance! These are super hot and my all time fav color combo (on tennis shoes) is black and red.


Anonymous said…
I like those sneakers. I'm a true b girl and I have over 50 pairs of sneakers!