Emerging Designers Fashion Show

Greetings Fashionistas,

It's the start of a new venture for me. I'm going to attend my first fashion design class this evening and I'm soooo stoked!!! Of course you all know I'll be giving you the 411 whenever I learn something exciting to share. May we all stick to the motto "working hard to get mine in '09" to reach our goals. Yes we can!

Speaking of fashion, I know I told you divas a while ago about this fashion showI attended. I have been meaning to post the pics but my camera was not cooperating with my computer and now it's officially out of service after I dropped it in the dishwater at my sister's house. Why was the camera in the kitchen near the sink you ask? Well, I was the designated "photographer" for the evening because we were celebrating her birthday and I was trying to take pictures of her cake and gifts and well.......I probably shouldn't have been leaning over the dishwater. Anyhew, to make a long story short, I had to get the pics from the fashion show off the memory stick and it took forever but they were able to salvage them for me. Whew! Take a lookey below.

The fabric draped from the ceiling was a tad bit wedding decor-ish but it's all good.

This model was handsome!!! Tried to get his pic afterwards but he had dipped. Dang!

This dress was a wee bit ris-kay for me. I mean, it looks as if the front should be the back due to the total lack of modesty in the bodice area.

These designers favored the Grecian draping.

I absolutely loved this entire look! The back was completely out and this blue-green color is rarely used nowadays so I was excited to see this color on an evening dress.

There's always one!

II Chiks was in the building providing make-up services to audience members.

Here's a small sampling of their products. I love the bright colors!

My friend and hair stylist Necole, is one of the creators/owners of II Chiks' make-up line. She's fierce by the way.

There was no way in hell I was going to post any pics of moi due to the fact that the dress I wore made me look as if I was carrying some post baby weight or something. Note to self.....don't give yourself 10 minutes to get ready without the required once over to assess your look!!!



Anonymous said…
I hope you have a great time at your class tonight!!