Cascading Ruffles

Greetings Fashionites,

Hey friends, I really like this little ruffle skirt below. Now, it's not just any old thing, check out the cascading ruffles. It's really hard to find uniquely designed skirts......that's why I'm really not a big fashion fan. However, this one is about to get snatched up real quick with my credit swiping power, LOL!

Beckerman Daria Cascade Skirt

$87.00 (originally $290.00)

I have until Thursday, Jan. 15th to make up my mind because that is when the additional 20% off sales prices ends.

It's the ideal mini. Short and noticeable! Ohhhh, I'm gonna pair this with my fitted jersey v-neck, stiletto pumps, large chandelier earrings and studded cuffs. Hot to death!