Another Day Another Look Into Fashion

Greetings Fashion Friends,

Had a very rude awakening in Intro to Fashion Merchandising last evening.......I'M ACTUALLY IN COLLEGE AGAIN!!!!!! You know I thought it was going to be just "fun" learning about fashion and merchandising and learning how to sew and draw. Now I'm not so naive that I didn't think we would be doing assignments and tests but um, I have a crap load of stuff to knock out all ready. Geesh!

On the flip side, the content is so amazing and really interesting so I know this is definitely what I want to do.....I just need better time management skills. Please continue to pray for ya girl!

80s child????? This is the term I'm starting to associate with the ever unique D.Woods (formerly of Danity Kane) . Check out this ensemble she wore at a performance in Miami last Friday.


Chick has a fab physique but are we really ready for the "knot tied into the jersey t-shirt look" to come back from the 80s? I'm certainly on the fence cause I can only imagine what that will look like in the streets. Just.....scary!



Anonymous said…
I do not like this look at all. Some looks and trends that came out of the 80's were hot and pretty fashionable...but this is just not one of them.