Too Impulsive!

Greetings Fashion Friends,

I hope you all had an exciting weekend. I went shopping, I attended a fashion show last night (pics will be coming soon) and I just chilled with the family. Awesome weekend! However, I realized something as I was going through my many treasures from my shopping excursion. I am a serious impulsive shopper. Okay...maybe not serious because I am able to exercise some restraint, but some things still get through and then when I look at them later, I'm scratching my head thinking, "Why on earth did I buy this?". Well, to illustrate what I mean, take a look at this dress I bought over the weekend.

Silence and Noise Silk Ruffle Dress


This is a cute dress, for someone out there but quite frankly I really don't know why I was so eager to buy it. I already have like 20 dresses (no lie) that I haven't even worn!!! I spent a lot of change for this dress that on hindsight, I didn't even want in the first place. I think a saw a vision of what I could do with it and then just snapped it up. Oh well, I'm taking this sucker back pronto today! And just so I don't keep making unscheduled trips to the mall, because I get in trouble that way, I'm going to make sure I actually need an item or at the very least seriously want an item before I spend my money on frivolous things.

Hope I've helped someone else control their spending this holiday season. I mean, we need to develop a gifter spirit, not a receiving one. LOL!