Technical Difficulties

Arrrgghh!!! My internet is acting real shady right now so I can't post right now. Thank goodness for my Sidekick or I wouldn't even be able to write this.

Doesn't it just make you angry as h_ll when you pay for a service dilligently (and on time) and it's not available when you need it???? I have too much dependence on the internet right now between my blog, online classes, certifications, shopping, etc. if my server's down.....I'm sooooo screwed.

Oh well, Brighthouse is gonna get a serious tongue lashing when I finally get through to an actual human being. Not only do I have to take the time out to call and complain, but they then proceed to keep me on hold for the entire duration of a TV sitcom! It's like they want their customers irate!!!!!

Alright...breath, relax, relate, release. Hopefully I'll be back to posting shortly. Wish me good luck! Ummm, actually, you might want to wish Brighthouse good!



My name is Chris Berry and I work for Bright House in Internet Communications. If you send me an email at Christopher.Berry@Mybrighthouse.comI can have someone from Bright House contact you.


Chris Berry