The Sophisticate

Greetings Fashionistas,

I hope everyone had a great weekend and more importantly, I hope everyone had a safe weekend. It was pure madness this past weekend! Now that it's officially the beginning of the holiday shopping season let's get into the spirit. I've been really wanting to be a fashion chameleon this season. What's a fashion chameleon you ask? Well it's a fashion diva that blends in with her surroundings no matter where or what the occasion. It may sound boring but just take a look below to see the beginning of what I mean.

This week we'll be covering my chameleon looks for the remainder of this season. I say that now, it may change, but right now it's pretty exciting so I'm moving forward.

First up..... The SOPHISTICATE

Earrings- Forever 21; Coat- Karen Millen; Over the Knee Boots by Loeffler Randal-; Handbag-; Sweater Dress by Alexander McQueen-

This look is great for the uptown diva who likes structured, well cut clothing that is very lady like and exudes a "well put together" vibe.

Take a look at some of the Sophisticate's looks below.

Isobel Knit Blazer
Georgia Tunic

Fen-Contrast Pump with buttons by L.A.M.B.
$231.00 (on sale)

Grey Floral Print Dress by Beny and Hizzin

J Brand 14" Leg in Bayou

$115.00 (on sale)



Anonymous said…
I am obsessed with Loeffler Randal boots! Maybe this will be the year I splurge on myself and buy a pair! Just trying to convince myself that they WILL indeed be worn year round as a good investment and not stuffed in the closet awaiting fall's arrival.
Anonymous said…
That grey floral dress is a killer item. I need it in my closet ASAP.