Reader Request - Sequin Mini

Greetings Fashion Feens and Happy Monday,

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. I know there we're several holiday parades and events occurring in my area code, although I missed them because I had to Oh well, next weekend is FREE so I'll be out and about trying my best to get in to the holiday spirit.

I have a reader request that I need to follow-up on. Fashion follower Rebecca requested the following:

Hi Fashion Pad,

I spotted this picture of Spice Girl Mel B. a while ago at an event in Vegas and I totally love her mini dress. I've been trying hard to locate it with no success. Could you let me know who designed it? Thanks a bunch!

Not a problem Rebecca, I actually really like this mini sequin dress as well. It is designed by Foley + Corinna and it also comes in a short sleeved black version as well.

Foley & Corinna Silk Chiffon
Sequined Tennis Dress
$277.20 (on sale)

Foley + Corinna Sequin Tennis Dress
$166.00 (on sale)
I think I prefer the 3/4 sleeve's just a lot more glam.