Military Inspired Pieces

Greetings Fashion Friends,

I'm back!!! Brighthouse and I are back in love again so I am once again satisfied with their service. They responded quickly and so I've decided to just drop my tirade.

Moving on.......I've noticed some interesting items as I've been out shopping and I think we have a new trend (or fad, only time will tell) on the rise. Military-inspired pieces are popping up everywhere. I'm seeing it in the details as opposed to the actual color, such as with army fatigues. I'm liking the subtle details that are incorporated in the designs. It definitely lends a more modern feel. Take a look below to some items that illustrate my observations.
TIBI Bi-colored Shift Dress
$222.00 (on sale)
The button details on the skirt of this dress are placed with military precision.
Military Cross Jeweled Necklace
Ariel Trench
This double-breasted trench is cut like the old Russian army coats.
Cheyanne Cargo Pant
The pockets on these pants can hold a lot of Swiss knife and MAC lip glass.

Naughty Monkey Belly Up


I love the button details around the ankle. Spectacular!

Rag & Bone Double Breasted Tux Vest


This vest is part military part men's inspired.

Tram Military Cap


I really like this hat style. I've also seen them with button details around the lid on some of the wool caps.