The Looks for Less

Greetings Fashion Chicks and Happy Friday,

I'm trying to become just a little more frugal with my spending so that I'll be set just in case this recessing economy starts severely affecting the health care field. I literally would be in a state of distress. I mean, it's not healthy to be stressed about anything but I'm only human so I would initially go into an "acute" anxiety episode. Then, like any other trial or tribulation I'll pray about it and move on. However, to deaden any potential distress I'm going to curb my spending to a more practical habit.

I love designer apparel, as I'm sure you all are aware since following this blog. With that being unnecessarily stated, I've decided to cut out purchasing designer items for a couple of months. However, I will use my love for designer duds as inspiration for my style.

I'm gonna start with luxe items I crave, but are certainly out of my reach.....take a look at some of the designer inspirations I want.

1. A Class of Her Own

Milly Strapless Brooch Dress

This dress is really elegant and very feminine. I also love the berry hue, sweetheart neckline, and stunning brooch. But I'm not that in love to pay that price.

Fab Strapless Dress

Man this dress is a fab find. Not sure what the "condition" of the dress is in person (i.e. poor stitching, flimsy material, etc.) but it is right down my recessionista alley.
2. The Matrix Bootie
Georgina Goodman Purple Suede Boots with Patent Trim
What a F-I-E-R-C-E ankle boot. The patent trim is a fab addition. The price....not so much.

Alex2 by Marciano
$220.80 (on sale)
This is an awesome take on a trendy item. The color is really rich and the only thing missing from the designer's style is the patent detailing. However, this is still a viable alternative.

XOXO Women's Pure Shoe


This ankle boot has the patent and suede combo like the designer style. This price point looks great as compared to the

3. The Avant Garde Shearling

Rick Owens Asymmetric

Shearling Jacket


I absolutely love the cut of this jacket and the light grey color. The folded neckline has an avant garde feel. That price is hella expensive!!!

Premium Shearling Jacket


I'm really loving this affordable alternative. The asymmetric look is the same, folded neckline and faux shearling is definitely on point.



Anonymous said…
Ummm, those shoes by Marciano are really hot! I also like the shearling coat by Rick Owens, although....the coat from Asos is just as lovely.
Anonymous said…
All you have to do is add a brooch to the dress from Forever 21 and's the spitting image. Awesome!