Leggings and Tights

Greetings Fashionistas,

So I'm really loving this "new" tights/leggings obsession that has literally taken the fashion world by storm. From runways to store mannequins, tights and leggings are on display everywhere. Now there's a plus and down side to an emerging trend. The plus is that you could invest in a couple pieces because they'll be around for a couple of seasons as opposed to a fad ( legwarmers anyone???) that will only last for a couple of months. However, the down side is that everyone rocks the same trend....from celebrities to my everyday stylish divas.

Gosh, well what do you do? I want it, but I don't want to look like everyone else!!!

Here's the solution: you make the trend your own!!! If you normally wear all black, don't step out of the box with both feet for a trend you like and buy the plaid tights. Or if you've never worn a sparkly clothing item ever, don't run out and purchase the sequined leggings because they look great on Fergie! Now I'm not saying that you have to stick to the same old fashion theme, but if you're going to branch out, at least stay attached to the same tree. If you wear all black, buy the black lacy tights for an interesting twist. If you want to add some pizazz, start small with a studded pair of leggings (just around the ankle). Make sure you're comfortable with the trendy item and if you are and your heart desires more....... go for it!

I like this grungy punk look Jessica Szohr of Gossip Girls has on. The tights are a great complement. See...mixing patterns can work well together.

Now take a look at some of my favs below:

Plaid Sheer Full Foot Tight

Leslie Stretchy Leggings

Paisley Print Leggings

Married to the Mob

Kensie Liquid Leggings
$23.40 (on sale) www.dillards.com

Karen Zambos Vintage
Couture Leopard Leggings
$58.80 (on sale) www.shopbop.com

Emilio Pucci Miri Panello Leggings
$965.00 www.net-a-porter.com

You know I had to hit you all with that designer pair. Chump change right, lol!