Instant Outfit - Christmas Party

Greetings Fashionistas,

I might go to a Christmas party this Saturday and the attire is cocktail chic. This is exciting because I've really been patiently waiting (yeah right) to sport my one shoulder party frock and I just had to dress up a similar item to see what direction I would be heading. Let me know what you all think of the outfit. I'm always a minimalist when it comes to my personal style but I can and have taken plenty of risks, all for the sake of fashion of course. I'll show you a pic of my dress as soon as I get my camera and computer to play nice. Arrgghh!!!

Is that jacket not the hottest thing on EARTH right now!!!!!!!! I'm so in love it's ridiculous....

Moving on....A nude lip and dramatic eyes is what I'm going for in the makeup department. I'm not really into the whole "putting on my face" routine. After I hop out the shower I like to be ready in 15 minutes flat! I also want to accessorize with understated items in a bold gold hue! That will pull the look together by allowing the observer to eye the entire ensemble, not just the shoes or the dress. Hope you all think this look is poppin'.



Anonymous said…
That dress is gorge!!! Love the purple and gold. Looks great together.