Holiday Sales

Greetings Fashion Divas,

I wasn't really impressed with the after Christmas day sales. I was in the stores before Christmas and the ones right after were the exact same bargains! I guess I just thought that they would take an extra 20-30% off to really bring in the customers but no, not the case at all. I'll probably go back again knowing me but I'm just a little upset for now. Arrggghh!

Anyhew, with all that fussing and complaining I still bought a couple of items. Check them out below.

Wool Fedora $34.00
I've been wanting this grandpa hat but I've been unable to find a good sturdy wool one until now!

Animal Lace Legging $12.50

Yeah I got bitten by the lace legging's bug but I'm still determined to rock them anyways........I'll make it my own.

Basic V-Neck 3Q Sweater


Such a comfy sweater! I think I'm going to go back and get 3 more different colors.

Cheshire Croc Clutch $22.80

This clutch reminds me of a vintage 1930s style. It's roomy and even has a place for my cell phones.

Opal Colored Skinny Jeans


I just like the color of these jeans. They also fit well.

I actually bough 3 more items but couldn't find their imags online. For a person who complained so darn much I sure bought quite a few items. LOL!