The Angry Little Girls


I was checking out Handbag Heaven yesterday because I received some invites via email. And low and behold I saw the cutest totes ever. Angry Little Girls by Lela Lee are awesome tote handbags that, as you see below, bluntly express what a lot of chicks are thinking sometimes but can really only say to their close friends, and maybe some family members.
The bags are canvas so they pretty durable and machine washable. The good thing is that they're all on clearance and with these affordable prices, how can you pass them up. See a few of the available "expressions" below.

Slogan - "WOW, Cute Bag"........... "Get your own bag bitch"
Quite possibly my favorite of the!
Slogan - "Hi "............ "Don't bother trying. I'm way out of your league."

Slogan - "What do you look for in a man?".............. "A high threshold for pain!"

Slogan - "What's wrong?".............. "I wake up and you're still there..."

Definitely my 2nd runner up!!!

The slogan's cute but the color combo and pic may be a lil too "young" for some of you.