What Were They Thinking???

Greetings Fashion Troops,

Here's another rendition of What Were They Thinking, aka, "I'm trying to get noticed", bka, "My stylist has the day off" post. Remember, these divas are usually top notch but they've slipped from glory, in my opinion, with the styles they've chosen. Check out the not so great looks below.

Veronica Webb attended the NY City Ballet Season Opener in this over the top look. The jeweled neckline is beautiful but her pumps are competing with them. I don't know whether to look up or down. I also suggest she lose the bracelet, add a black cocktail ring and upgrade the heels to some all black stiletto pumps.

Blake Lively at the Australia premiere in NYC. For a young starlet in her early 20s, this outfit makes her look about 15 years older. The knit, v-neck cardigan does not complement the lacy skirt. The t-strap shoes cuts off the line of her leg which isn't good since her skirt covers her knees. I honestly don't believe the neutral belt works well here either.

Jada Pinkett-Smith attends the premiere of Madagascar 2 in Madrid, Spain. I don't know if Jada's going horseback riding or to a premiere. The vest, the blouse, the belt, the purse....they just don't play well together with this ensemble. Even Jada's obvious fabulosity can't pull off this look.

Malinda Williams is only rocking the hat in this pic. Everything else is misplaced and poorly put together. The belt doesn't really cinch, thereby adding bulk to her small waist. The purple tights with the purple boots remind me of oompa loompas. Sorry!

Sanaa Lathan arrived at the premiere of Cadillac Records held at The Egyptian Theater on Monday night in Hollywood in this boring frock. It's more Little Bo Peep than red carpet siren. She's undeniably gorgeous though!

Geesh! I think D. Woods is going to have an honorary spot on this list. I thought she was just having an experimental spell but it seems as if this foolishness above is permanent. Wow! There is a difference between out of the box and out of your mind.

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