What Were They Thinking?

Greetings Fashion Divas,

I'm going to introduce a new segment dedicated to our fav celebs who, usually get it right, but for the sake of this post, their ensemble either looks a little questionable or is a flat out hot mess. Let's survey some of the "perplexing" styles seen this past week.
Joy Bryant is one to take fashion risks but in this case, her trendy grunge attire looks out of place on her. The green bag sticks out like a third wheel next to her ill fitting dress. Where does the glam necklace fit in????
D. Woods, formerly of Danity Kane, accidentally forgot to put on pants and those boots, which are cute, does not work well with her dress....er, top. On another note, that hairstyle of hers does not highlight her pretty face at all.
Dania Ramirez's look is on my questionable list. Something is off but I can't for the life of me pinpoint what it is. I think the dress looks pieced together. It could be cute, but due to the fitted top and waist, the skirt portion just looks a little odd and those round pumps are not helping to pull the look together.
Sharon Leal.......where do I begin? You know what, I can't fix it, let's just start over. I'll keep her in the black tights and boots, add a long, fitted knit tunic (she has a great shape), donate the vest to the Salvation Army, and save the white dress for Spring because the material's to light for Fall/Winter.
Golden Brooks' floral top isn't bad, but I certainly don't see it working as a dress. Let's pair with some wide legged dark blue jeans, peep-toe cutout booties, and we'll keep the belt but switch from gold studs to smooth black leather. The studs are competing with the flowers.
D. Woods unfortunately made the list twice. I think she was wearing a costume but since I didn't see any of the other celebs that attended this event wearing costumes, I'm gonna assume she stands alone. Please, please, please lose the leggings. Take them off and burn them. Then bury them and sign this contract I just drafted stating that you will never try this look again......for fun or play.
Oh Viv, I love ya but you should know better as you've been in this business for quite some time. It's an interestingly structured dress but it just doesn't work on my girl Viv. The floral pin is certainly over kill, none of the accessories look well together, the hair probably should have been pulled back to draw focus to her lovely face and beautiful neckline.

Foremost, Beyonce's coif does not work at all. That handbag does not complement her lovely Herve' Leger dress either. The dress that Solange is wearing makes it look like she put on 15 lbs. I like the purple handbag. It adds a nice pop of color.

Please let me know if I'm being too harsh. These ladies are all great talents and are really beautiful, but I will call them out on fashion faux pas.