Time For a New Coat!

Greetings Fashion Divas,

I'm in need of a new coat. My best friend and I were discussing last night how we haven't bought a new coat in like 2 years! I've purchased tons of sweaters, cardigans, etc. but no coat. Wow! Didn't notice because for one, I live in FL, and two, I don't really travel much in the winter months. But with all the updated looks for this classic item, I thinks it's time for me to make another purchase. Also, I've been looking at several styles that the celebs are rocking and I am a visual shopper (in other words, I don't need to touch it or try it on). Take a look at both Estelle and Beyonce below.

I've chosen my first round picks below, now I need to see if there are any items that catch my eye between now and Saturday.

Double Breast Bell Sleeve Jacket

$99.99 (on sale) www.mandee.com

Love this coat. It's not overly bulky but it does have enough room for layering.

BDG Double Breasted Peacoat
The wide collar around this peacoat gives this classic style a modern update.

Plaid Wool Trench
$198.00 (on sale) www.ardenb.com
I like this coat for it's vintage feel. I actually believe I've spotted something similar in Goodwill for like, $4.00.
Soia & Kyo Double Breasted Jacket
Such a classy coat. I love the structure and multiple, large buttons. Fab!
Romie Fleece Coat
I think the details on this coat is great but with that price, I'm wondering just how warm I'll be.
Vero Moda Faceted Button Coat
This coat is a classic Mary Tyler Moore look. The purple color brings this look on trend for '08.
Oh, decisions, decisions!!!!