Reader Request - Fringe Bag


I had a Fashion Pad reader by the name of Adrianna email me requesting the following:

Hey Fashion Pad,

Wondering if you can locate this bad ass bag Rihanna's wearing. I want that like yesterday! But um....if it's really expensive, could you also post an alternative????

No problem, this gorgeous, edgy bag is by Gucci. It's apart of the Fall'08 campaign that all the celebrities are drooling over. And I certainly don't blame them. The bag is hot!!!!!!!!!

Babouska Medium Tote $3950.00

Well, in my opinion, this bag is pretty expensive so I have a couple alternatives below, hope you like them.

Botkier Morgan Large Satchel

Melie Bianco Fringed Studdard Tote


Anonymous said…
The fringe hobo by Melie Bianco is fabulous! I'm carrying it now in purple. They also have it in green for anyone not afraid of color.