Reader Request - Beyonce's Heels

Greetings Fashionistas and Happy Monday,

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and even dressed up fabulously for the holiday. I took my niece and nephew trick or treating and saw some fantastic costumes. I also saw some crazy get ups as well but I guess they knew they could get away with almost anything on Halloween.

Anyhew, I had a Fashion Pad reader by the name of Angie request the following:

Dear Fashion Pad,

Please, please, please tell me what gorgeous shoes Beyonce is wearing in this picture. I almost didn't notice them because I really don't like the dress she's wearing but the bright blue caught my eye as I was clicking away. I know they're designer but I don't care. Could you help me out?

Not a problem Angie. Beyonce is wearing these super fabulous heels by glam shoe designer Giuseppe Zanotti.

Giuseppe Zanotti Design $694.00