Instant Outfit - Winter Wonderland

Greetings Fashion Feens,

I'm still creating outfits for my winter wardrobe. I'm trying real hard to learn to "shop" in my closet first before I run out and buy anything. For the most part it's been working out pretty well, but that still does not stop my accumulation of frequent swiper miles on my debit card. LOL! I really need to stop, really, I do! Check out what I've been cooking below.

Laid back winter fab

Sweater:; Jeans:; Boots:; Handbag:; Earrings:

Fashion forward trendsetter

Sweater Tunic:; Tights:; Booties: Fedora: ; Handbag:; Earrings:; Cuff:

High fashion with a rugged feel

Open Draped Top:; Tube Top:; Jeans:; Handbag:; Boots:; Watch:; Earrings: