Greetings Fashion Friends,

I forgot all about this segment. I guess I assumed this and the 5 Things I Crave Right Now are too similar to separate them out. Oh well, does it really matter, I'm always wanting or craving something at any given moment. Take a look below.

Tanya Satin Double Velcro Sandal

$129.00 www.bebe.com

I almost bought these in black this past weekend but I was impatient after I found myself standing in line for about 20 minutes. As if!

Kenneth Cole New York Cut It Out Clutch

$158.00 www.kennethcole.com

I've always wanted a mirror purse. H-O-T!

Distressed Pleather Jacket

$99.00 www.romeoandjulietcouture.com

I like the jacket's retro style (that side buckle is a classic).

L.A.M.B. Hunter Multi Strap Ankle Bootie

$380.00 www.shopbop.com

I love these booties. I applaud the designers at L.A.M.B. for always taking the season's trend to the next level.

Larok Black and Grey After Party Dress

$311.00 www.chickdowntown.com

I'm an '80s baby so this dress is super nostalgic.

LaROK Patchwork Mini Skirt

$248.00 www.thehipchick.com

I'll be in Miami for New Year's so I think this little mini will work well in the mild climate.