Stepping Out of The Box

Greetings Divas,

For the most part my personal style is pretty tame and my fashion choices are about 25% trend, 25% vintage, and 40% classic. Then there's the other 10%, which consists of out of the box items that may be a staple in someone else's closet, but definitely not mine. Once or twice per season I tend to covet something that is outside my normal style staples. Not to say that the pieces I want are weird, they're just different for me.
This time around I'm coveting one of Fall's many trends......fur. Fur can be incorporated in almost all articles of clothing but I'm really looking for a faux fur vest or shrug. The items this season really bring a modern feel to a retro style. You can add them to a dress, jeans, or skirt and tights. The fur shrug works beautifully in the winter with evening wear. Check out this retro style below.

Romany Vest $188.00

This vest is reminiscent of the '50s rock star. Beetles anyone?

Grey Fox Bolero Vest
It's really hard to appreciate this vest with the grey knit beneath it.

Melodie Cropped Jacket
This jacket's great for a fun night out.

Black Faux Fox Fur Bolero Crop Coat Jacket

This little shrug would work great with a cocktail dress around the holiday season.
LaROK Fur Vest
Another hot, and expensive, vest that you can try pairing with some jeans tucked into knee-high boots and a long sleeve tunic.

Real Clothes Cable Vest


A nice, beautifully designed vest for my career divas with wardrobe restrictions.