Reader Request - Menswear Blazers

Greetings Fashionistas,

I hope you all had a great weekend. I surely did! I got my hair done (which always makes me feel like a new woman), I went to a cook-out thrown by one of my co-workers, I WENT SHOPPING, and I attended a fashion show. Whew! I love a busy fun-filled weekend.
I'll have pics up of the fashion show in due time but first let's get down to business. A Fashion Pad reader by the name of Erin emailed me with the following request:

Hi Fashion Pad,

I was wondering if you could help me locate some really cute blazers. I really like the menswear look but I don't want to create the entire trend, I just want a couple of blazers to add to my wardrobe. Oh, and sorry to be cheap but I am on a strict budget.
Oh yippie! I love blazers too and I also wanted to add maybe two more to my collection so Erin I appreciate your request and am all too happy to oblige. I'm just gonna assume that strict budget would be anything less than $50. Take a look below.

Women's Cotton Twill One-Button Blazer

Sutton Studio Exclusive One Button Jacket
$40.99 (on sale)
Urban Renewal Vintage Lady's Blazer
This is my favorite!
Stretch sateen fitted jacket
$26.24 (on sale)
Signature Stretch Piqué Collection Fitted Blazer
$39.00 (on sale)

Corduroy boyfriend blazer
$29.99 (on sale)

Conv1 Brodie Blazer Hematite
BDG Men's Slouch Blazer
Hopes this helps Erin!