One-Shoulder Please

Greetings Divas,

I'm on my way to the MIA this weekend. Yeah! Well it's more of a family trip so I probably won't get into anything exciting but I know I'm going to have a lot of fun with my peeps...they're just soooo great.

While I'm down there, I do want to find this belted one-shoulder dress on sale at ArdenB. It's a dead ringer for one of my favorite brands, Black Halo.

One Shoulder Pencil Dress

$59.00 (on sale)

Kim Kardashian was spotted several months back in this yellow version. And while I usually detest knock-offs........I am starting to feel a little bit of this recession and I project a dip in my investments so, rather than pay the $345 for the one below, I'm going to enjoy my ArdenB purchase to the max. BTW, I really dislike those black and white heels Kim K is wearing with that dress. They are not what's up.

Black Halo One-Shoulder Belted Dress