Flat Boots - Work and Play

Greetings Fashion Divas,

So I'm back at it again searching for more boots but this time I'm looking for some flat boots, preferably black. I want a pair that I can wear to work and play. Suede, leather, patent, I really don't have a preference.......well, I may want to stay away from the patent material if I'm going to floss these babies at work.

It's no where near cold down here so I have plenty of time to choose a pair. I also want to keep the price down to less than $200.00. I'm sorry but unless I decide to move to a more colder climate I refuse to splurge on a pair of boots. Check out a few that I've scouted so far below.

Born 'Hardy' Flat Boot

$179.95 http://www.nordstroms.com/

I think these are great and they look really sleek. However, I may need a tad bit of a heel for some arch support.

DKNY Lotta Inside Zip Flat Boot

$198.00 http://www.shopbop.com/

Yeah, this is what I'm talking about. However, they are at the top of my budget. Hmmmm, decisions, decisions!

Top Boots by Chinese Laundry

$99.90 http://www.flyjane.com/

Awesome suede pair but it looks like they may travel above my knee. While that may be great for play, I may struggle to make them conservative for work. I smell a CHALLENGE!

Swoop Leather Boot

$149.95 http://www.stevemadden.com/

I like this pair from Steve and they have a little arch support as well.

Seychelles Suede Leather Heel Boots

$180.00 http://www.southmoonunder.com/

Okay, these fall out of my search but aren't they beautiful? I love the suede and leather combo and the heel is a comfortable height as well. These are pretty fierce right?

I really love the above choices but, for the hell of it, I'll scout out a few more so I can be assured that I make the best investment.



Anonymous said…
you can fold the Chinese Laundry boots down :) I usually wear them that way!
sandrala said…
mmm i have the chinese laundry ones and the dkny ones! love them both :)