Cocktail Ring Obsession

Greetings Fashionites,

Cocktail rings are small statement items that can really draw attention to style. I love to wear cocktail rings, to work, for play, even to run errands. I instantly feel stylish and depending on the wow factor (i.e. color and style) they're great conversation starters. The larger and more detailed, the better. Let's take a look at some of my favorites.

When Doves Cry Ring

Cocktail Ring $45.00

Enamel Flower Ring

Juicy Couture On the Rocks Giant
Dirty Cocktail Ring
Grand Azul Ring $4.80
This ring is so unique. I love it! I wonder how large it is because I would definitely want people to take notice. Also, do you think the eyes glow in the dark? That would prevent me from purchasing it.

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deanna said...

hmm, I'm on the hunt for a giant cocktail ring...ever since I saw N. Richie on Ellen pushing her new accessories line...good picks!