Cocktail Ring Obsession

Greetings Fashionites,

Cocktail rings are small statement items that can really draw attention to style. I love to wear cocktail rings, to work, for play, even to run errands. I instantly feel stylish and depending on the wow factor (i.e. color and style) they're great conversation starters. The larger and more detailed, the better. Let's take a look at some of my favorites.

When Doves Cry Ring

Cocktail Ring $45.00

Enamel Flower Ring

Juicy Couture On the Rocks Giant
Dirty Cocktail Ring
Grand Azul Ring $4.80
This ring is so unique. I love it! I wonder how large it is because I would definitely want people to take notice. Also, do you think the eyes glow in the dark? That would prevent me from purchasing it.


Anonymous said…
hmm, I'm on the hunt for a giant cocktail ring...ever since I saw N. Richie on Ellen pushing her new accessories line...good picks!